How to Ace the Interview

You finally landed the interview for your dream job, but now you’re afraid to mess it up. Take these quick tips to heart for interview success.

Anticipate the questions.

As you prepare for the interview, try to think of some questions you may be asked and practice answering them. Be ready with stories of success (and failure) in previous roles as well as an articulate description of your strengths (and weaknesses). Also, try to prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. This will demonstrate that you understand the position and are serious about pursuing it.

Do your research.

Spend some time researching the company. Educate yourself on their recent projects, which will give you something to talk about in the interview, as well as their corporate culture, which will help you know how to dress for the occasion. An awareness of the company as a whole will let the interviewer know that you’ve done your homework.

Dress appropriately for that company.

Understand what you’re walking into and dress appropriately. If you’re interviewing for a company whose employees dress in jeans daily, a three-piece suit isn’t necessary. Try to dress a couple of steps above what you’d wear to work every day without being excessively formal.

Be enthusiastic and upbeat.

The ability to pay a lower salary isn’t the only reason why most companies love to hire young employees. Young people are also typically positive, energetic, and eager to work. Even if you won’t number among the company’s youngest employees, you can take a lesson from them. Smile and make sure to verbally express your excitement about the interview.

Say thank you.

Once the interview is over, be persistent about following up. Send your interviewer an email that day, thanking them for the opportunity and for their time. After a few days have passed, call your interviewer to check in on your status. Don’t be afraid to follow up every few days until you receive an answer. Persistence will pay off, either with a new job or at least a positive impression on the company.