In This Economy, Which Careers Are Best?

The U.S. recession has affected the middle and lower classes the hardest, with many asking what can they do to improve their current state. With salary decreases, price increases, and mass layoffs, two of the most common plans have been to go back to school or get a different job. Despite the harsh times, there are careers out there that, while may not be making the “big bucks” are offering a steady paycheck with some fantastic fringe benefits.

An analysis of some 200 different professions revealed that depending on good pay, stress-free work environment, and strong potential for growth there is some unusual but interesting jobs out there.

Believe it or not number one on the list is an Actuary. Safety is a primary number concern of this nation and actuaries work to interpret probabilities and statistics of sickness, death, accidents and loss from occurrences such as theft and natural disasters. Ironically, the job requires little risk and more of a focus in computers than actual fieldwork. Computers have taken up such a large part of our world that they now make up a good portion of successful jobs. Media design and advertising, software engineering, and IT analysts are also among the top jobs for 2010.

Numbers and technology have become so predominant nowadays that mathematicians and statisticians also occupy spots within the top 10 list. Both help to produce new innovations and inventions toward industrial, educational, and business related fields. In some cases, they are so successful with their jobs that even in their stress free environments they can earn very high salaries. Accountants also hold a safe spot within the economy because prioritizing finances is a key concern to many people and businesses.

Some mid-level jobs have been thriving for the past few years and economists say that they will continue to increase into the future. The healthcare industry is still one of the fastest growing careers in the nation, despite our setbacks. With such a high population, hospitals and clinics are growing to accommodate the higher probabilities of illness. Even the dental field is seen to be improving. Dental hygienists, medical billers and coders, medical assistants, and nurses are all great careers to get into that offer some good pay with good benefits to go along with it.

Whether you’re returning to school to bulk up that resume, or you’re planning on doing a 180-degree turn on your career path, it’s good to know which jobs out there are worth pursuing. After all, if you’re going to turn your life around for the better, make sure you make the smartest choice.