Should I Really Go Back to School?

Making major decisions in life are naturally the hardest. The older you get the more it seems you have to lose, and the more people you have to take into consideration. If you’re feeling the pressure of the economy on your life then you might have been considering making one of the heaviest decisions; should I go back to school and get a new job? If you have been working in the job world for years and it’s just not delivering the results you hoped, it makes sense to contemplate a career change. As we take into consideration things such as retirement savings, job advancement, more money, and being able to take care of our family, there are a lot of reasons to go back to school. A lot of great opportunities can come from such a sacrifice.

If your current job has you feeling stuck or you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck then it is up to you to change that. However, the job market today doesn’t just hire people who really, really want the job. You have to have that degree that makes you officially qualified. Hence, why so many are returning to college. Keep in mind that the journey isn’t without hardships. Money and time play a big factor for older people who want to go back. Can I afford it? Will I have enough time to spend with my family? Will I have enough time at all?

These are perfectly valid questions. Fortunately for returning students there are many scholarships and grants that will allow for them to go to school without the financial burden. Single mothers, especially, can get federal funding to earn a degree so that they can still take care of their children.

Time, or lack thereof, has a huge influence on the decision. It’s no secret that a majority of time will have to be devoted to studying, lectures, and homework. Online degrees have begun to increase in popularity in the past few years for this very reason. Many family-oriented individuals have opted to earn their degrees from their home so that they can still be close to their loved ones. There is one question one must ask themselves before the discredit a return to school. Is sacrificing a few years worth an entire lifetime of opportunities, higher pay, and better benefits? When you look at your lifelong goals in a broader sense the sacrifice feels much more minimal.

Aside from the benefits of money and responsibility there are other advantages of getting a higher education. There’s something to be said for a person that pushes him or herself to accomplish greater things in their life. They carry a sense of pride within themselves that they have never had before. The world looks at an educated person with more respect because they respect themselves. It also offers a challenge to you, and if you aren’t challenging yourself then you simply aren’t living life to the fullest. The best benefit of graduating college is not your personal pride or even the respect from strangers. It’s the growing love and respect you get from your family and friends.

So should you go back to college? Of course you should. No one should ever turn down the chance to prove that they are a great mind. No one should ever turn down the chance to learn and grow. The factors that set you back are nothing compared to the rewards you will reap from your dedication to such a life changing goal.